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Steal From the Best

Nov 2, 2022

Wylie McGraw is a former Star Pitcher, Competitive Bull Rider, and 3-Tour Combat Veteran.  It was through those intense experiences that he discovered his crazy superpower of being able to expose blind spots, erupt and eradicate stress, and fully unleash the untapped potential of high achievers.  He's the founder of Radical Performance Acceleration and for well over a decade now he has built his business by being the elite behind-the-scenes force providing life-altering work to powerful CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Public Figures, accelerating their performance both personally and professionally.  We have an amazing conversation about achieving success and the attitude of success vs. failure.  There are so many valuable nuggets and we can assure you that you'll get extensive takeaways from our conversation.  Sit back and enjoy this ride, as it's an episode that you don't want to miss.